The Legendary John Deere 6030

Lengendary JD 6030

Pictured: FIRST John deere 6030 off the production line! Serial #33000

The 6030 was the most powerful two-wheel drive tractor of its time. Introduced early in 1972, the last member of the New Generation family muscled its way to the top of the ongoing horsepower race with its turbocharged and intercooled engine. Although it was rated at 175 horsepower, many generated over 225 horsepower from the factory. From inception, the 6030 was destined to rewrite the record books and set the standard by which other large two-wheel drive tractors would be judged for many years.

In addition to its prodigious horsepower, the 6030 sets itself apart from other New Generation Tractors by being the only John Deere tractor offered with a choice of diesel engines. Consequently, the naturally-aspirated version of the 6030 with 141 horsepower is among the rarest New Generation Tractors with only 45 being built. Cumulatively, 4042 serial numbers were assigned.

There is no question that the 6030 is one of the most historically significant tractors ever produced. At a time in history when the thirst for raw power drove the tractor market and when diesel fuel along with cast iron were reasonable, the 6030 was the sum of all equations. This nimble brute of a tractor became legendary for nearly indestructible strength and reliability incorporated into its design by John Deere engineers. As a result, many 6030's are still in use today.

Therefore, it is difficult to imagine any New Generation collection being complete without one of the most unique tractors ever built by Deere & Company. Why else would Deere & Company keep the last 6030 built in June of 1977?